Friday, April 17, 2009

to the best dad in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I am bored out of my mind.

i just got my homework done, I have a fun fieldtrip to a mini town called fire safety town, hopefully it will be fun. I just wanted to update my blog with some new pics of my family and friends. I miss you dad, wish you were here right now to see me and what I am up too. I had Karate today and I was the best in my class---I hope... peace out DOGG!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The horrible kid...

Their was a kid named loser, not really, his name was Donald Zinkoff. His father was amail man and on the first day of school he stood right up and said my dad is a mail man and one day I am going to be a mail man too. When he came home from school he said hi to his dad and then hurled into his dads mail because unfortunatly Donald was born with an upside down stomach.
He was a horrible writer and his third grade teacher disliked , well she didn't like anyone really and wondered why she became a teacher and her husband wondered the same thing too. Donald was the worst writer in the class and he got a D- every time he would write a paper. Donald loved soccer and so did hes friend Andrew, his next door neighbor. Andrew would watch when wild foot Donald would make the winning goal, he was mad so he kicked the ground and had a sour puss look on his face. When they came home Donalds dad asked why he acted badly and he said he was just copying Andrew. The next day at school Donald said the alphabet wrong and everybody laughed at him. The day after that was Halloween and Donald was a Vampire with the scary teeth and face, when they reached the very last house for the night Donald hurled into the ladies trick or treat bucket and the lady said to his father" Why would you bring your son out tonight if he was sick", and he said oh my goodness i am so sorry about this but my son is not sick when he was born he had an upside down stomach. Donald had to go home shower and go to bed. tallyn

How I got my skateboard...

I stayed with my grandma one afternoon and she took me to the walmart. I asked if i could get a skateboard and she let me buy a cool red and black poker skateboard. I used my own money to purchase this board. When we got home I took it out of the wrapping and I started riding it and I LOVED IT!!!